Whatsapp Launches This New Feature

Facebook is going to launch the group video call feature on the Whatsapp. With this, sticker support option will also be available. On Tuesday, Facebook’s annual conference made several announcements. In this company’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg took a look at the new features of WattsApp. He told that some changes have been made in Facebook too. It has been added to ‘Clear History‘ and ‘Dating Service’. In his speech on Tuesday, Zuckerberg explained in detail about this aspect of WattsApp. The company has posted a blog separately. It has announced the arrival of the much anticipated ‘Sticker’ feature soon.

New Feature-Stickers can also be installed in the WattsApp

A sticker can also be installed in the WattsApp, according to the block post, the voice and video calling feature is quite popular in the Wattsapp. Now the group calling feature will soon be linked to the app. Stickers can also be installed in the WattsApp. There will be a third party’s ready sticker. It will be used in user chat. Other mobile apps ‘Hike’ and Facebook Messenger already feature sticker. According to Zuckerberg, more than 45 million people have used Whatsapp states feature. Whatsapp has also started the feature called service targeting business. Has become more than 3 million users in this world. According to the company, Wattsapp is using more than 2 billion users daily The introduction of the Wattsapp Group calling feature was tested in beta version. It was not made available to all users. Currently, this feature is not active on the WattsApp. It will take some time to get it active.

New Feature-What is the Group Calling

What happens is that many people can be called together in the group calling group calling New Feature. As is the case with Skype. At present there is talk to only one person. At present, this feature will be available on Android phones. It is not clear now that at one time three people can be added to calling or four users will be able to call video. In October 2017, the Voice Calling feature was introduced in beta version 2.17.70 of WattsAP. During this time the new feature (delete for everyone) was introduced. You can withdraw messages sent to a friend or relative in WITSAP’s Recall Feature Delete for Everyone. If you have accidentally sent a message, you can take it back.

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