judy virus attack on smartphone

judy virus attack on smartphone
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judy virus attack : Shortly there was a major virus attack on the world’s computers. It was not possible to fully emerge from this that there was a danger of another swine virus. The victims of the virus are known as Android phones from around the world.

Millions of phone calls around the world

Firm Checkpoint, which provides security solutions, has said in its report that these smartphones coming in the ‘Juddi’ are Android-based. The firm believes that around 85 million to 3.65 million smartphones worldwide are likely to be hit by this.
Judy is an auto-clicking adware that has been found in 41 apps developed by Korean company. This malware makes a big number of fake clicks on advertisements through a smartphone that is in its grip so that it can benefit the builders. It is not yet known which country has come under the scanner of this malware. Google has removed the malware application on Checkpoint’s recommendations.


judy affects android apps

Checkpoint has said in its report that these smartphones coming in the grip of ‘JUDHI’ are Android-based. Hackers are assisted by cyber crime virus. This virus is a kind of program. When a computer user clicks on this virus, then this program is run on the user’s computer. By which computer user loses control of his system. There is also a name for the virus species named judy malware through which millions of users have been attacked on Android users. However Judy Malware creates a code by opening a Url. As soon as the user clicks on this URL, the payment is generated to the hacker. This malware affects the Android app. Since then the user has started getting the affected link.

Author: Tech2Hindi